inspiration post #7

Its always interesting to take portraits of your friends, family, or even random people but sometimes the images may be plain or not very creative. These portraits, however, are very inspiring for creating different and interestinf portraits. Using shadows and elements of nature help to add more to the photos without taking away from the subject. It adds color and dimension to the photographs and makes it more interesting to look at. They make the mood of each photo more apparent to the viewer. It would be interesting to use the ideas and techniques in a future project for some more interesting shots.

idea post #6


All of these images are taken at exactly the right time to produce a beautiful photo that can never be taken again. The way that the photographer planned and timed these photos and perfected their camera settings is so precise to make these photos come out the way they did. It would be very interesting to try and take photos like this, even though these photos were probably very spontaneous. It’s almost like they were very planned in their angles and positions, yet the exact time of it is not planned at all to get that perfect spot where it was taken.

inspiration post #6


This image may seem cliche or over done, but the message behind it is still powerful in whatever way it is shown. The model is shown with one half of her face in full makeup and the other half looks as if it has little to no makeup. Many people think it would be crazy to go in front of a camera without any makeup on and would never dare to, yet no one should feel that they need to wear makeup. There is no problem in wearing makeup, as it can make many people feel more comfortable for something like modeling, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary for every person to wear makeup everyday, especially if they do not want to. Luckily, being barefaced is becoming more and more common, as celebrities and everyday people going out and posting pictures online of themselves with no makeup on.

Wearing any makeup at all is solely the choice of the person who wears it. There are no rules to how and when you should wear your makeup and that’s what makes it so special. By having the model show both sides of wearing makeup and being barefaced, it is not only visually interesting but presents a bigger message that no matter which side you chose on any given day, you are always beautiful and do not need to feel pressured to wear makeup or not wear it.


idea post #5


Frequently, artists tend to do more serious projects and try to send a deep message through their work. But sometimes, its nice to take a step back and create a project that is more for the purpose of fun and some laughs. These pictures caught my eye not only for the comical aspect of them, but how well the models and photographer worked together to make these images successful. These photos are obviously well thought out and planned to be as accurate to the original album cover as possible with a modern twist. It would be different to try a project similar to this by making images that are still successful while bringing out a more comical and less serious side.

inspiration post #5



These images beautifully capture simple scenes that can be seen everyday; people on their way to work, home, school, or just taking a walk around the city. What is really stunning about these images is how they are in black and white, yet still manage to capture every detail of the setting. Every flake of snow is clear yet not distracting to what is going on in the background. It is interesting how the photographer managed to position themselves in a way so the light from the street and cars was highlighting some things and casting shadows over other parts. What I especially like is how you can’t really see each person’s features, but certain aspects of them stand out more, like the smoke of the cigarette or the umbrella. It almost gives you a peak into each person without seeing their whole face or body.

idea post #4

Because  I am a dancer, photographs like this are automatically appealing to me. These dancers are obviously very strong and demonstrate great technique and skill. What I really like about these images is the way that they capture the dancers movement from start to finish. Even though images are a still of an action at a certain point in time, you can clearly see the motion in these photos. That would be something interesting to try; capturing the action of the subject so it seems like the photo is alive. Its almost like the photo is now a video.

inspiration post #4


These images are very inspiring to me because the use of fashion, portraiture, lighting and setting is very appealing to me. I am very interested in fashion and beauty so I was struck by the these photos. I love how the fashion ties together the setting to create an obvious mood for the photos. The use of the colored lights is absolutely stunning and is something I would like to try some day. The colors give various feelings to each photos and the placement of each color is so well thought out and planned. All of the images have similar compositions but each model is in a different pose and location that makes them all different in their own way.


idea post #3

(I had this idea a week ago before the new project was assigned, but for some reason my paragraphs disappeared. But now this goes along with the current project of landscapes and space)

I would like to try to photograph more natural spaces like the ones above. Even though they are just landscapes of a highway, they are beautifully captured and you can clearly see all of the details of the landscape. These specific photos, which were taken along roads in New Zealand, remind me of the trip I took over the summer to California. I was lucky enough to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransisco to Los Angeles and see the beautiful coast. It was an experience I will never forget and we got many pictures that captured how amazing the drive was.

Similarly to the photos above and what I experienced on the Pacific Coast Highway, the New England landscape is similar in some ways. In the pictures above, there are three completely different settings of the coast lie, the mountains, and the plains. In California, we started off the day in 60 degree weather by the water and the mountains and by mid day, we were driving through a desert that was almost 100 degrees. And here in New England, we have easy access to the mountains, the forests, the beach, and the city. This next project will be an opportunity to experiment with these many different setting and landscape choices.

inspiration post #3


These images are extremely simple but contain a very powerful message. It may be hard to understand the message at first, but once understood, it should resonate with everyone who looks at them. The women above have the word “yes” written on their lips to demonstrate the silent “consent” that women feel their only option is to silently endure in situations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Because they feel unable to or do not know how to say no, women live everyday with going through trauma and abuse that can otherwise be stopped with knowing that people will be on their sides and support their choices of saying no or reporting acts of violence or abuse put onto them. Even when women protest and do not give consent, that may not be enough to stop another person doing harm to them. But in many cases when women go and report these acts, either they are not believed or their abusers do not receive proper consequences. Its heartbreaking to admit, but its happens everyday to millions of women who feel like they have to go through this pain. These images represent that silent yes written on the lips of women who feel that is their only choice.

These image inspire me tremendously to use my photography to step outside of the box and try to produce art that is educational and informative to raise awareness for situations like abuse, rape, and assault of women. Its fun to take smiling pictures of my friends and beautiful landscapes of nature, but its very important to think of different ideas and to think of ways to try different themes that may be controversial. Its like giving a voice to those who otherwise have no voice and make their stories and situations known to bring awareness and eventually a change.


self portrait project-studio portraits

For my two studio shots, I would like to incorporate my theme of me dancing but in a more creative way. It would be difficult to take action shots of myself dancing in the studio, so I want to use some of my old dance costumes and my shoes as props. There are a few ideas I have using my shoes and costumes in my pictures. One is that I could actually recreate ny hair, makeup, and costume from an old dance and try to replicate a pose or move from that old dance. Or I could hang my costumes and shoes againist the back drop to make it the pictures a little more abstract and different. I definitely want to try and use my pointe shoes and tap shoes in one of my shots, either with me wearing them or simple having them be in the shot.

I have many ideas for my portraits, but I definitely want to have them still be related to my pictures from the 35 mm camera to have all of my shots be cohesive. I will most likely have my 35 mm shots be more candid and focused more on the movement of dancing with action shots and candid pictures of the preparation for dancinf (i.e. putting hair up, tying shoes, putting on makeup, etc.) But for the best results, I would like to make my two studio portraits as posed as possible to make sure everything comes out right.