inspiration post #7

Its always interesting to take portraits of your friends, family, or even random people but sometimes the images may be plain or not very creative. These portraits, however, are very inspiring for creating different and interestinf portraits. Using shadows and elements of nature help to add more to the photos without taking away from the subject. It adds color and dimension to the photographs and makes it more interesting to look at. They make the mood of each photo more apparent to the viewer. It would be interesting to use the ideas and techniques in a future project for some more interesting shots.

idea post #6


All of these images are taken at exactly the right time to produce a beautiful photo that can never be taken again. The way that the photographer planned and timed these photos and perfected their camera settings is so precise to make these photos come out the way they did. It would be very interesting to try and take photos like this, even though these photos were probably very spontaneous. It’s almost like they were very planned in their angles and positions, yet the exact time of it is not planned at all to get that perfect spot where it was taken.

inspiration post #6


This image may seem cliche or over done, but the message behind it is still powerful in whatever way it is shown. The model is shown with one half of her face in full makeup and the other half looks as if it has little to no makeup. Many people think it would be crazy to go in front of a camera without any makeup on and would never dare to, yet no one should feel that they need to wear makeup. There is no problem in wearing makeup, as it can make many people feel more comfortable for something like modeling, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary for every person to wear makeup everyday, especially if they do not want to. Luckily, being barefaced is becoming more and more common, as celebrities and everyday people going out and posting pictures online of themselves with no makeup on.

Wearing any makeup at all is solely the choice of the person who wears it. There are no rules to how and when you should wear your makeup and that’s what makes it so special. By having the model show both sides of wearing makeup and being barefaced, it is not only visually interesting but presents a bigger message that no matter which side you chose on any given day, you are always beautiful and do not need to feel pressured to wear makeup or not wear it.