idea post #3

(I had this idea a week ago before the new project was assigned, but for some reason my paragraphs disappeared. But now this goes along with the current project of landscapes and space)

I would like to try to photograph more natural spaces like the ones above. Even though they are just landscapes of a highway, they are beautifully captured and you can clearly see all of the details of the landscape. These specific photos, which were taken along roads in New Zealand, remind me of the trip I took over the summer to California. I was lucky enough to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransisco to Los Angeles and see the beautiful coast. It was an experience I will never forget and we got many pictures that captured how amazing the drive was.

Similarly to the photos above and what I experienced on the Pacific Coast Highway, the New England landscape is similar in some ways. In the pictures above, there are three completely different settings of the coast lie, the mountains, and the plains. In California, we started off the day in 60 degree weather by the water and the mountains and by mid day, we were driving through a desert that was almost 100 degrees. And here in New England, we have easy access to the mountains, the forests, the beach, and the city. This next project will be an opportunity to experiment with these many different setting and landscape choices.

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