idea post #5


Frequently, artists tend to do more serious projects and try to send a deep message through their work. But sometimes, its nice to take a step back and create a project that is more for the purpose of fun and some laughs. These pictures caught my eye not only for the comical aspect of them, but how well the models and photographer worked together to make these images successful. These photos are obviously well thought out and planned to be as accurate to the original album cover as possible with a modern twist. It would be different to try a project similar to this by making images that are still successful while bringing out a more comical and less serious side.


inspiration post #5



These images beautifully capture simple scenes that can be seen everyday; people on their way to work, home, school, or just taking a walk around the city. What is really stunning about these images is how they are in black and white, yet still manage to capture every detail of the setting. Every flake of snow is clear yet not distracting to what is going on in the background. It is interesting how the photographer managed to position themselves in a way so the light from the street and cars was highlighting some things and casting shadows over other parts. What I especially like is how you can’t really see each person’s features, but certain aspects of them stand out more, like the smoke of the cigarette or the umbrella. It almost gives you a peak into each person without seeing their whole face or body.

idea post #4

Because  I am a dancer, photographs like this are automatically appealing to me. These dancers are obviously very strong and demonstrate great technique and skill. What I really like about these images is the way that they capture the dancers movement from start to finish. Even though images are a still of an action at a certain point in time, you can clearly see the motion in these photos. That would be something interesting to try; capturing the action of the subject so it seems like the photo is alive. Its almost like the photo is now a video.

inspiration post #4


These images are very inspiring to me because the use of fashion, portraiture, lighting and setting is very appealing to me. I am very interested in fashion and beauty so I was struck by the these photos. I love how the fashion ties together the setting to create an obvious mood for the photos. The use of the colored lights is absolutely stunning and is something I would like to try some day. The colors give various feelings to each photos and the placement of each color is so well thought out and planned. All of the images have similar compositions but each model is in a different pose and location that makes them all different in their own way.


idea post #3

(I had this idea a week ago before the new project was assigned, but for some reason my paragraphs disappeared. But now this goes along with the current project of landscapes and space)

I would like to try to photograph more natural spaces like the ones above. Even though they are just landscapes of a highway, they are beautifully captured and you can clearly see all of the details of the landscape. These specific photos, which were taken along roads in New Zealand, remind me of the trip I took over the summer to California. I was lucky enough to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Fransisco to Los Angeles and see the beautiful coast. It was an experience I will never forget and we got many pictures that captured how amazing the drive was.

Similarly to the photos above and what I experienced on the Pacific Coast Highway, the New England landscape is similar in some ways. In the pictures above, there are three completely different settings of the coast lie, the mountains, and the plains. In California, we started off the day in 60 degree weather by the water and the mountains and by mid day, we were driving through a desert that was almost 100 degrees. And here in New England, we have easy access to the mountains, the forests, the beach, and the city. This next project will be an opportunity to experiment with these many different setting and landscape choices.