inspiration post #3


These images are extremely simple but contain a very powerful message. It may be hard to understand the message at first, but once understood, it should resonate with everyone who looks at them. The women above have the word “yes” written on their lips to demonstrate the silent “consent” that women feel their only option is to silently endure in situations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Because they feel unable to or do not know how to say no, women live everyday with going through trauma and abuse that can otherwise be stopped with knowing that people will be on their sides and support their choices of saying no or reporting acts of violence or abuse put onto them. Even when women protest and do not give consent, that may not be enough to stop another person doing harm to them. But in many cases when women go and report these acts, either they are not believed or their abusers do not receive proper consequences. Its heartbreaking to admit, but its happens everyday to millions of women who feel like they have to go through this pain. These images represent that silent yes written on the lips of women who feel that is their only choice.

These image inspire me tremendously to use my photography to step outside of the box and try to produce art that is educational and informative to raise awareness for situations like abuse, rape, and assault of women. Its fun to take smiling pictures of my friends and beautiful landscapes of nature, but its very important to think of different ideas and to think of ways to try different themes that may be controversial. Its like giving a voice to those who otherwise have no voice and make their stories and situations known to bring awareness and eventually a change.


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