idea post #2 by Céline Ramoni


speed-5 Claire Droppert

Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness...

It would be interesting to take photos with a fast shutter speed to get pictures that come out like this. Photos like these are so different and mesmerizing that you can find abstract shapes and things inside the photo. I like the blurriness of the photos and the way that the different colors and objects almost blend together. Especially in photos with several bright lights like the first one, they seem to blend together the foreground and background. I would like to try this technique because we take a lot of more traditional photos in class and it would be fun to have a project be more abstract like this one and see what we all come up with as a result. There are many ways that one could go about this technique like using lights, moving objects, moving people, animals, nature, etc.


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