inspiration post #2

Waiting for the bus, Greg Miller

I chose these images from Greg Miller as inspiration because they are so simple and universal that almost every person can relate to one of the images in some way. From a person’s own memories of waiting at the bus stop from watching their own children at the bus stop, theres something a person can find in each image. What I really love about these images is that Miller captures each child simply going about their everyday routines, yet there is a story behind each image about the child. It makes you wonder about their lives, what they’re doing in school that day, what they’re feeling and thinking, etc.

The composition in each image from the collection is similar yet send the perfect message about the images. The way the photographer was positioned showed both the child waiting on one side of the road and the empty road disappearing into the horizon. It’s very inspiring to see images like these that show such simple, everyday situations yet make them beautiful and make you think about yourself and thise in the pictures.


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