idea post #1

One of the techniques I would like to explore is double exposure. It is a popular technique but I never had the chance to try it in Photo I. It would be interesting to try to use it in a different way, like taking one portrait and making them fit into the setting or landscape of another photo and maybe try using different settings other than nature. The double exposure technique seems interesting but I feel like the idea of combing portraits and nature landscapes has been done many times, and it would be interesting to try to come up with other ways to use the technique.

I would also maybe like to try using flash photography or night time photography. I have never used the 35mm camera at night because we have never been able to use flash for a project, so it would be interesting to see how pictures come out at night. I would also like to experiment with the shutter speed setting on the camera with action shots and see how they come out in different settings. I really like photos where the background is in the focus and the subject is blurry, so it would be interesting to test that out.

(via Dan Mountford: Double Exposure | SECOND TO NONE)

Benoit Paille (Source: crossconnectmag, via hlmaxymegdelisle: “ Estelle and Camille laughing, Montreal, 2013 Tried to play a bit with a flash on the Mamyia7… ”

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