inspiration post #1

photos by Jen Evrin

EPSON scanner image
EPSON scanner image


<i>Stories of Yellow Jasmine</i>, Somewhere in the South, Spring 2015


<i>Dreamcatcher</i>, Somewhere in the South, August 2014


Dreamy Snapshots of Family Life in the South


These images from artist Jen Evrin inspired me because I really loved the way she used her family to create these photos that have an almost a dream-like, nostalgic feeling. The way that she had her family pose gave the photos a child like feeling, as the girls were climbing trees and looking out the window of a car. A person looking these photos can almost relate to the photos and get some sort of relate able feeling of childhood, summer, family, or friendship. Evrin’s use of the polaroid format adds to those feelings as well, making it feel like a slice of that moment and memory.

I really like photos like this and think they are very successful in conveying stories and feelings to the audience. Photos like these are best to look back at and remember the times that they were taken at. These photos helped to inspire me and give me ideas for future projects that I can use my friends and family for and how I can get them to pose to convey the feelings of the situation. I also like how Evrin uses abstract poses and angles to take her photos, giving them a mysterious feeling. It conveys a whole different message than having the girls smile and be in “respectable” poses. It makes the audience think and almost challenges the traditional portrait of young girls.




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