idea post #2 by Céline Ramoni


speed-5 Claire Droppert

Sand comes alive and creatures are born in frozen moments of weightlessness...

It would be interesting to take photos with a fast shutter speed to get pictures that come out like this. Photos like these are so different and mesmerizing that you can find abstract shapes and things inside the photo. I like the blurriness of the photos and the way that the different colors and objects almost blend together. Especially in photos with several bright lights like the first one, they seem to blend together the foreground and background. I would like to try this technique because we take a lot of more traditional photos in class and it would be fun to have a project be more abstract like this one and see what we all come up with as a result. There are many ways that one could go about this technique like using lights, moving objects, moving people, animals, nature, etc.

inspiration post #2

Waiting for the bus, Greg Miller

I chose these images from Greg Miller as inspiration because they are so simple and universal that almost every person can relate to one of the images in some way. From a person’s own memories of waiting at the bus stop from watching their own children at the bus stop, theres something a person can find in each image. What I really love about these images is that Miller captures each child simply going about their everyday routines, yet there is a story behind each image about the child. It makes you wonder about their lives, what they’re doing in school that day, what they’re feeling and thinking, etc.

The composition in each image from the collection is similar yet send the perfect message about the images. The way the photographer was positioned showed both the child waiting on one side of the road and the empty road disappearing into the horizon. It’s very inspiring to see images like these that show such simple, everyday situations yet make them beautiful and make you think about yourself and thise in the pictures.

idea post #1

One of the techniques I would like to explore is double exposure. It is a popular technique but I never had the chance to try it in Photo I. It would be interesting to try to use it in a different way, like taking one portrait and making them fit into the setting or landscape of another photo and maybe try using different settings other than nature. The double exposure technique seems interesting but I feel like the idea of combing portraits and nature landscapes has been done many times, and it would be interesting to try to come up with other ways to use the technique.

I would also maybe like to try using flash photography or night time photography. I have never used the 35mm camera at night because we have never been able to use flash for a project, so it would be interesting to see how pictures come out at night. I would also like to experiment with the shutter speed setting on the camera with action shots and see how they come out in different settings. I really like photos where the background is in the focus and the subject is blurry, so it would be interesting to test that out.

(via Dan Mountford: Double Exposure | SECOND TO NONE)

Benoit Paille (Source: crossconnectmag, via hlmaxymegdelisle: “ Estelle and Camille laughing, Montreal, 2013 Tried to play a bit with a flash on the Mamyia7… ”

inspiration post #1

photos by Jen Evrin

EPSON scanner image
EPSON scanner image


<i>Stories of Yellow Jasmine</i>, Somewhere in the South, Spring 2015


<i>Dreamcatcher</i>, Somewhere in the South, August 2014


Dreamy Snapshots of Family Life in the South


These images from artist Jen Evrin inspired me because I really loved the way she used her family to create these photos that have an almost a dream-like, nostalgic feeling. The way that she had her family pose gave the photos a child like feeling, as the girls were climbing trees and looking out the window of a car. A person looking these photos can almost relate to the photos and get some sort of relate able feeling of childhood, summer, family, or friendship. Evrin’s use of the polaroid format adds to those feelings as well, making it feel like a slice of that moment and memory.

I really like photos like this and think they are very successful in conveying stories and feelings to the audience. Photos like these are best to look back at and remember the times that they were taken at. These photos helped to inspire me and give me ideas for future projects that I can use my friends and family for and how I can get them to pose to convey the feelings of the situation. I also like how Evrin uses abstract poses and angles to take her photos, giving them a mysterious feeling. It conveys a whole different message than having the girls smile and be in “respectable” poses. It makes the audience think and almost challenges the traditional portrait of young girls.